Phillip Clift, Realtor

Buyer Team Manager | Marketing | Buyer Agent

Phillip was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. He graduated high school in the top ten of his class at Exeter Union High School and moved to North Carolina. He then accepted a Regents Scholarship to the University of California at Santa Cruz. Upon completion of his first year of undergraduate studies, he decided to transfer to East Carolina University to be closer to family. While attending school, he worked in local restaurants, developing a passion for sales. After deciding to pursue a career in the Restaurant and Hospitality field, he began working for a local restaurant full time and quickly discovered that he enjoyed the hospitality industry. Realizing that skill set could provide him with the career he had been wanting, he decided to make a change and pursue a career in Real Estate, where he will be working with Tyre Realty Group as a Buyer Specialist. He is an avid sports fan, reveling in the greatness of the University of Southern California athletics, praying for the Dallas Cowboys, rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers and trying to keep the faith with the Philadelphia 76ers.